BAJU is the token powering the leading edge of the Ajuna Network on our Kusama parachain.

New features will be deployed on Kusama first, enabling innovation and experimentation while ensuring that only tried-and-tested updates are adopted on our Polkadot parachain. Usage fees will be lower, decreasing the barrier to entry so that smaller games can launch and gain traction.



Realay Chain:
Network Name:
Bajun Network
Token Name:
Launched in:
Q4 2022
Supply Profile
Fixed and Deflationary
Staking Preserve
up to 1%
Initial Supply at TGE:
Max Supply

token supply
and allocation


Baju - token utility

Deploy Games

Developers need to stake a fixed amount of BAJU to secure a Game Chain on our Kusama parachain. A Game Chain provides access to Ajuna’s sidechains, delivering the best performance and fastest response times. It is also required in order to issue native tokens and NFTs in the Ajuna ecosystem.

Pay Transaction Fees

Smaller games which don’t require a dedicated Game Chain can access Ajuna’s Kusama network on a pay-as-you-go basis. All related network fees are paid in BAJU.

Back New Games

Gamers can support new game projects by helping them to acquire an Ajuna Game Chain on Kusama. This functions similarly to a Polkadot crowdloan campaign — gamers can back their favorite new games by staking BAJU and receive rewards such as Game Tokens, NFTs, or other perks.

Access Services

BAJU is used to access services such as token swaps, tournaments, in-game auctions, season passes, NFTs, and Ajuna’s Trust Score system on our Kusama network.


BAJU token holders are granted the right to:*

  • Elect the BAJU Treasury Council, which will manage BAJU treasury funds.
  • Vote on which new indie games should be awarded BAJU treasury grants or provided with access to a Game Chain at concessionary rates.
  • Vote on feature requests and upgrades for first-party games which are exclusive to Ajuna’s Kusama parachain (such as BattleMog).

* Starts once governance module is deployed.


Token holders who stake BAJU are rewarded with both BAJU and GAME tokens. In addition, stakers can also be rewarded with NFTs from Ajuna games